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RVCA y FUCT | Protect Freedom

Just in time for Black Friday 2013, RVCA has partnered up with FUCT to create a capsule collection featuring a unique merging of both brand's signature style, incorporating FUCT's "black on black" aesthetic. The limited edition range will include a thermal, coach jacket, trucker hat, beanie, t-shirts and poster. The collaboration is a follow up to the recent FUCT Rizzoli book launch at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, sponsored by RVCA; one of the only brands in the industry that Erik Brunetti considers a true supporter of the Arts, having founded the Artist Network Program, a platform for emerging as well as established artists. Brunetti also regards RVCA as a brand that easily identifies with FUCT, as an entity which cannot be labeled or linked to one specific sport or genre, be it skate, surf or mixed martial arts. FUCT and RVCA encompass everything, which makes this collaboration one to look out for, as two leading brands align to create an exclusive, top-drawer collection.

The RVCA y FUCT "Protect Freedom" collection will be available on Black Friday at RVCA.com and RVCA's Los Angeles and San Francisco flagship locations.