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Blind Girl Surf Club

The motto of the Blind Girl Surf Club is a quote from Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t wanna be a member of any club that would have me as a member.”

Blind Girl Surf Club is the emblem of over forty years of friendship between Julian Schnabel and Herbie Fletcher. Art and surf cultures unified in the name of adventure, history and camaraderie— generations of friends and family, a tribe, in and out of the water. Julian Schnabel and Herbie Fletcher met and became friends during a surfing contest in Padre Island, Texas during Easter of 1967. Herbie was nineteen and Julian was sixteen. I don’t know if they grew up, but both men went on remarkable journeys.

The Blind Girl Surf Club was originally conceived by Julian and Herbie during one of their many surf trips over the years. Firstly it included close friends and family then later expanded to pay respects to their favorite surfers by also including them. Members receive a black surfboard with the Blind Girl Surf Club emblem as membership confirmation. One of the last surfboards made was for the late Andy Irons.

RVCA presents the Blind Girl Surf Club collection as a one-off. Opening up the exclusive club to celebrate the life that is the art of riding waves. Art in surfing. Surfing as art. All leaning towards ultimate freedom. Limited Edition Tees, Hoodies, Trunks and more dropping Monday 8/3/15.